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“Many people felt your presentation content stimulated discussion and action regarding areas we can improve. Your style and personal testimony touched me and I am grateful to have been in attendance.”

Deni D. Naumann, President, Copesan


“Thank you for two very engaging, informative and educational days...not to mention fun! You were REALLY good, and I very much appreciate it.  Thanks again for all your hard work and terrific programs.  I couldn't have been more pleased with the way the seminars went.”


Thomas J. Watson, Senior Vice President, Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company


“Thank you for presenting our ethics training this morning.  Initial feedback was very positive and it seemed like people really gained some perspective from the training.”

Kathy  Adams McIntosh, Accounting Analyst, Integrys Energy Group


“The workshops were great and a huge success.” 

Karen Mayes, Compliance Officer, Physicians Plus Insurance Corporation



"You were a big hit!”


Louise Googins, President, Googins & Anton Financial Advisors



Colleges & Universities


“Thank you for the terrific visit today! Since you left us, I have been basking in the reflected glory of your workshop and presentation. Everyone at the workshop felt you left them with a lot of good ideas for their classes.”

Richard L. Priem, Ph.D., School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee



Trade Associations


“Thank you for another unforgettable performance of ethics training. You are very good for our industry as well as you would be for any industry. You are a very entertaining speaker and I would definitely want you back again at another Wisconsin Pest Control Association conference.”


Rick Freye, Treasurer, Wisconsin Pest Control Association





“Thanks again for a fantastic presentation to the Family Business Center last week. I like the speakers to get at least a 4.5 on the 5 point scale, which of course you did! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and perspective.”


Ann Kinkade, Director, Family Business Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison





“Thank you for the engaging and informative presentation on organizational ethics for hospital and community social workers. Your style, depth of knowledge and sense of humor allowed for a lively discussion and opportunity for individual reflection.”


Kathleen Ziemba, Social Work Supervisor, Meriter Hospital





“As expected, you wowed our listening audience once again. Not only were you articulate, but it was obvious that you have a passion for teaching ethics. Edgewood College is indeed fortunate to have an educator of your caliber on their faculty. Thanks to you, it was a stellar show!


Petie Rudy, Radio Host, WTDY