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Professor Denis Collins is an engaging and thought-provoking speaker who presents regularly and has served as the keynote speaker for numerous conferences, retreats, and training events. His creativity, sense of humor, near-death experience, and interactive approach have made him a sought after trainer and facilitator who creates unique learning experiences by drawing on his audience’s background and his passion to educate.


Denis has given more than one hundred talks and workshops since 1990. He would welcome the opportunity to speak with your service organization, or serve as a workshop facilitator, regarding Behaving Badly: Ethical Lessons from Enron, or a related business ethics topic.


He provides advice on creating and sustaining an ethical culture in any company, offering a decision-making tool and framework that managers can use to intentionally steer their company away from the road Enron traveled.


Denis is also available to serve as an executive coach. As a coach, he can serve as your “sounding board” and help you minimize miscues. He is a curious, well-organized, systematic, disciplined thinker willing to both listen and ask difficult questions, and to explore issues from multiple perspectives.