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Behaving Badly

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Table of Contents
Forward by Professor Bill Frederick
Corporate Raiders: Early 1980s
Ken Lay
Nigeria Barges for Sale in 1999
Preparing to Announce Third-Quarter 2001 Results


Behaving Badly: Ethical Lessons from Enron puts the reader in the shoes of Enron executives through the journey of the once prominent and now infamous company. Enron began as a newly merged firm in 1985 with too much debt, rose on Wall Street during the 1990s, and collapsed in December 2001.

This is the first book to treat Enron's financial problems as complex ethical issues managers may face daily - often without recognizing them as such. Key decisions are presented in real-time from several perspectives, including those of Lay, Skilling, Fastow, board members, auditors, lawyers, and investment bankers.

The seemingly simple question readers are asked to consider is: What would you have done, had you been employed by, or doing business with, Enron? Readers can debate their answers with colleagues.

Award winning business ethics professor Denis Collins also provides advice on creating and sustaining an ethical culture in any company, offering a decision-making tool and framework that managers can use to intentionally steer their company away from the road Enron traveled.

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