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Welcome to my website! For the past thiry years I have been researching, writing, and teaching about business ethics. We are evolving toward a better world.

This website contains my efforts at understanding the role of business in this ethical transformation. Like a flame, business organizations and free market capitalism can provide us with warmth and comfort, or they can burn us. Sometimes both happen simultaneously. I am a practical idealist, and proud of it. 

The material contained on this website provides information related to my activities in the areas of business ethics, participatory management, and service-learning. All material on this website is available to the public without any cost. I hope you use it. All I ask in return is that you appropriately cite the source.

In particular, I wish to direct your attention to the active links above, to My Open Online Udemy Course Benchmarking to Business Ethics Best Practices, and the books for managers and students.

I also maintain a “blog” for Business Ethics professors internationally to help make their classes relevant at Every day I add one article from the day’s New York Times that addresses a business ethics topic and pose a question about the topic for blog followers to ponder (e.g., Should organizations be forbidden to use credit checks as a hiring screen?). Click the “archives” link to see a list of entries, or go to:

My heart and soul can be found under the “publications” link. There you can find a list of my books, monographs, special issues of journals, scholarly articles, book reviews, and newspaper essays that explain what I have learned about life. Many of the articles and essays have been reformatted as a PDF document. You may download these articles and share them with friends, community leaders, business leaders, and students.

The “biography” link describes who I am, what I do, and my accomplishments. There you can find a brief bio, full vitae, one-page vitae, among and other items. I've won many teaching and service awards, including the 2015 Wisconsin BBB Torch Light for Ethics for service to Wisconsin Better Business Bureau, 2014 Sister Stevie Award for embodying Edgewood College’s mission and spirit, 2011 Samuel Mazzuchelli Medalion for empowering others, 2010 MBA Outstanding Faculty Award, and the 2009 Estervig-Beaubien Outstanding Professor Award for excellence in Teaching and Mentoring at Edgewood College, three times voted the outstanding MBA faculty member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Business Week’s survey of alumni, the Lawrence J. Larson Excellence in Teaching Award (University of Wisconsin), and in 1996 a finalist for the Academy of Management’s Distinguished Educator Award.

Other home page links include sample syllabi and teaching materials. I would be very happy if you used these materials in your own efforts to make the world a better place. 

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